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Karl and Mary Ruth Arthur
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Andy Arthur
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Blanche R Bacon
Lane and Ruth Bailey
Adam and Tracey Baird
William and Sybil Baker
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Floyd M. & Dorothy Burton
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Shawn & Leah Campion
Cannon Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Carlton, Jr.
Children of Dr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Carlton, Jr.
Dinah Carpenter
Summie & Debbie Carter
The Lucille B. & John A. Carter Family Fdt.
Suzanne Wallace Casey
Catawba College
Ellis W. Cauble
Dr. John and Anne Cave
Charity League of Salisbury
Jeff and Donna Childress Childress
Tom and Judy Childress
City of Salisbury
Ed Clark
Edward and Nancy Clement
Micheal Noonan- Clemson Soccer
Dr. Wayne and Christine Cline
Ned and Linda Cline
Ann & Bucky Cline
Darrell and Lisa Cline
Tyrus and Beverly Cobb
Alfred and Kimberly Cole
Trey Collier
Drew Collier
Raymond & Catherine Coltrain
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Steve & Sandy Combs
Community Care Clinic
Phillip Conrad
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Larry D. Corl
Lee and Kate Cornwell
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Jean Corpening
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Anne Corriher
Betty Joan Coulthard
Antoinetta Cowan
Kendel Cozart
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Rod and Rita Crider
Anthony Critelli
Daniel and Paige Crowe
Dean and Betsy Cunningham
Power Curbers
Todd and Samantha Dagenhart
Sue W. Davis
Jim Davis
Gary and Paula Davis
Doris Deal
Harold D. and Julia E. Deal
Ralph & Jerrie Dearborn
Meg & Jay Dees
Archie and Maggie Dees
Ann and Roy Deyton
Bettina Dickert
Thom and Beverly Dillard
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Beth and Glenn Dixon
Mark and Allison Doby
Liddy Dole
Seamus and Traci Donaldson
DeLon and Lisa Dove
Jeffrey Dowgos
Stephen and Lina Drinkard
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John and Lesleigh Drye
Duke Energy
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Decarlo Duling
Catherine Wallace Coltrain & Nancy Wallace Dunham
James Jr. and Rachel Dunn
Jennifer Dunn
Frank and Margaret Dunn
Bitsy Dupree
Taylor Durham
Windsor & Kathy Eagle
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Mary Frances Edens
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Blake and Linn Evans
Betty Evans -E3 Enterprises LLC
EveryMan's Bible Class
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F&M Bank North Main St. Branch
F&M Bank Operations Center Granite Quarry
Cynthia Faircloth
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Cecil and Monica Farrington
James and Margaret Faust
Cindy Fedor
Jane Fields
Fine Frame Gallery
Cindy Fink
Rev. Eric Fink
Larry and Daisy Fink
Ellen B. Fink & Tamela F. Safrit
First National Bank Comm. Fdt.
First Presbyterian Church
Paul & Sue Fisher
Fisher Realty; Danny and Nan Fisher, Luke and Diane Fisher
Steven and Robin Fisher
John and Joy Fisher
Fisher - Greene Ins. Agency
Food Lion
Judith Ann Forbes
Donald and Bethany Fortner
Woodson Foundation
The Goodman Foundation
Salisbury-Rowan Community Foundation
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James and Sara Fowler
Libby Fowler
Delaine Fowler
Digna Freirich
Chuck and Liz Friedrich
Jane Gamewell
Keith M. and Carr C. Garner
Randy and Susan Giessler
Adam Ginn
Dr. Larry and Elizabeth Gish
Douglas and Carolyn Glasgow & Family
Godley's Garden Center & Nursery, Inc.
Ted and Cheryl Goins
Gokey Family
Beth Golden
Myron and Mary Goodman
Ben and Kelly Goodman
Sandy Goodman
Dick & Liz Goodman
James Goodman
Dorothy Goodnight
William and Amy Goodnight
Lori Goodnight
Joel and Joyce Goodwin
Bill & Shari Graham
Gary and Angela Graham
Scott & Leigh Graham
Olivia Greco
Bill and Cora Greene
CDR Bruce Greenland, USN Ret.
Nancy Griffith
Walser Technology Group
John Grubb, lll
Peter and Ginny Gwaltney
Bill and Rosemary Hall
Edwin and Angela Hall
Darrell Hancock
Betty Jo Hardy
Sandy Wagoner Harjes
Larissa Harper
Jackie Harris
Clyde Harris, Jr.
David and Angela Smith Harrison
Millie Gamewell Harrison
Kevin and Laurel Harry
Zeb and Elizabeth Harry
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Gael Hawkins
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John and Jayne Helms
John and Hen Henderlite, jr.
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Brett and Lauren Henson
Camilla Herlevich and James Brier
Kate Taylor Hill
Dr. Dennis & Kathi Hill
Kaye Hirst
Historic Salisbury Foundation
Historic West Square
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Hodge Family
Andrew and Kristen Hodges
Kristen Hodges
Anne Hoffman
Susanna Hollingsworth
Pat Holshouser
Rachel Jordan Holshouser
Jason Holt
Arlene Holzmann
Home Lighting & Supply, Inc.
Ashley Honbarrier
Bob and Leah Ann Honeycutt
Perry and Carolyn Hood
Chad Hoskins
Guy & LeeAnna Hoskins
Madeline Hoskins
Geoffrey & Dottie Hoy
David W. Hoyle, lll
Jayne M. Hubbard
Dolan Hubbard
Jennifer Hubbard and Steven Cobb
John Thomas Hudson
Richard & Dale Huffman
Steven Hunter
Dr. Catrelia Steele Hunter
Gordon and Carolyn Hurley
Gerry Hurley
Michael Hutchens
Jack's Girls (F&M) - Janet Haynes, Ann Eidson, Cynthia Goodman and Kathy Allen
Barbara Jackson
Hannah & Andrew Jacobson
Will and Mary James
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Steven and Celia Jarrett
Mark and Sue Jennings
Jacquelyn Jensen
Martha Jobe
Scott and Kim Johnson
Lee and Tricia Johnson
Sandy Jones
Robert Jones
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Louis C. and Judith E. Kandl
William D. and Toni C. Kenerly
Bill and Anna Kepley
Glenn & Susan Ketner
Margaret Ketner
Alan and Joy King
Frank and Barbara King, lll
Ernie, Melanie, Zack, Catherine, Georgia and Callie Kirchin
Phil J. Kirk, Jr.
Kiwanis International - Salisbury
Sarah H. Kizziah
Judy Klusman
George & Margaret Kluttz
Bill & MacLean Kluttz
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Henry and Sharon Kluttz
James and Anne Kluttz
Kenneth and Glenda Kluttz
Tom & Betsy Taylor Knauf
Maxine Knowles
Marley Knowles
Dave and Rudy (Borland) Koehler
Kenneth & Mary Ann Kolkebeck
David Garling & Dr. Frank Labagnara
Anthony & Dorothy LaBarbera
Diane and Seth Labovitz
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Lampert, Jr.
Joe Lancione & Tom Wolpert
Randy and Martha Lassiter
Davis Latham Family
Harrison and Carol Latimer
John and Rosalie Laughlin
Le Jeudi Book Club
John and Joan Leatherman
Bill Lee
Jenny Lee
Reid and Mary Sue Leonard
Marie Leonard-Hampton
Brien and Laura Lewis
Sarah Linn
Lynne Tatum Little
Robert and Anne Loeblein
Betty Lomax
Milt lossi
Robert Lowe
Garry and Barbara Mallett
Jim and Carla Mallinson
Ricki Mancil
Andrew, Spencer, Merritt Mason
Glenn and Carrie Mason
William and Patty Mason
Daniel Matangira
Steve and Corinne Mault
Joel Maynor
Bill and Ann McCanless
Dr. Jesse and Kay McCartney
Keith & Julia McCombs
Jean McCoy
Ron W. and Mary Jane McCulloh
Chad and Renee McDaniel
Linda McElroy
Sue McHugh
Dr. Christopher and Melissa McIltrot
Sandra and Larry McKenzie
P.H. McKinney
Murray McKissick
Allison Merriman
Barbara Merriman
Dyke & Deborah Messinger
Mary Messinger
Tim & Ellen Messinger
Steve Messinger
Alex Messinger and Family
Russell and Sarah Michalec Michalec
Bud & Betty Mickle
Winnie and Dan Mikkelson
Brian Miller
Jeffrey Mis
Dr. James and Beverly Mitchell
Donald and Dorothy Mitchell
Charles Monroe
Brian & Kristin Livengood Moore
Jeanie Moore
Matt Moore | Nicole & Chris Hughes
Donald Moose
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Gianni and Mona Moscardini
Randy Mowery
Mary Holt W. Murphy
Craige & Terri Myers
James Myers
Bonnie and Neil Myers
Alyssa Nelson
Kimberly and David Nelson
Hank and Judy Newman
Al & Babe Nobles
Edward & Susan Norvell
Owen & Elizabeth Norvell
Susan and Jorl Nupomuceno
Jane and Sam Ogburn, Jr.
Robert and Allison Ogden
Rayfield Oglesby, Sr.
Melissa Oleen
Andi Orr
Anne Overstreet & Todd Livengood
Jean D. Owen
M. Franchot and Carol D. Palmer
Deirdre Palmer
Vince and Deb Pastore
Neil and Karen Patel
Steven and Patricia Peacock
Bill Wetzel and Beth Peacock
Mark and Barbara Perry
C. J. Peters
Irvin and Paula Philpot
Bo and Rachel Philpot / PollyRose Philpot
Elizabeth Philpot
Paul Henry Philpot (Bubba)
Mr. and Mrs. I. Henry Philpot, Jr.
Piedmont Plastic & Oral Surgery Center
Ott and Julie Pinkston
Pinnacle Bank
Andrew and Theresa Pitner
Black Point Investment
Beth Poovey
Faye Porter
David Post
Pops at the Post
Melvin Potts
Eleanor Potts/Cyndi Thomason Family/Richard Small Family
Danny Powell
Julia Proctor
Richard (Dick) and Sarah Proctor
Tim & Trisha Proper
Pete and Donna Prunkl
Clarence and Joyce Pugh
Jim and Carol Rabon
Sasha & Sidney Rabon
Frank Ramsey
Chris L. Ratte
Richard R. and Marcia S. Reamer
Randy Reamer
Alissa Redmond
Edward and Nora Lea Reefe
Richard, Kelly and Ayden Reinholz
Patsy Rendleman
Richard and Nancy Rendleman
Carl Repsher
Residential Garbage, Inc.
Rexx and Marsha Rexrode
John O (Ozzie) Reynolds, Jr.
Norman Ribelin and Franklin Ribelin
Ryan & Alice Rich
Richard's Painting
John & Jane Riley Riley
Mark and Jane Ritchie
Cliff and Amy Ritchie
Carl and Susie Ritchie
Bob and Mary Roakes
Hap & Annette Roberts
Wyndham Robertson
Alex Robertson
Jody Robins
Scott and Kim Robinson
Kyle Rogers
Martin Rogozinski
Erin Roland
Ryan Rosa
Todd and Mary Rosser
Rowan County
Jane English Rowland
Archie Rufty, Jr. & Frances Rufty
Jon Rufty
Bruce Rufty
Bob & Joan Rusher
Bobby & Kathy Rusher
Joey and Cindy Rusher
Judy Russell
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Johnny Safrit
Salisbury Motor Company
Salisbury Sales Marketing Executive Asst., Inc.
Salisbury Symphony, Inc.
Rebecca Elizabeth Sang
Chef Santos
Carol and Donald Sayers
Katie and Dave Scarvey
John & Pam Schaffer
David and Laura Schumacher
Payson Schumacher
Dianne K. Scott
Annie Seaford
Jim Seiple
Bob and Pam Setzer
Frank and Beth Shafer
Tony and Rhonda Shaw
Tamara Sheffield
Greg and Kristin Shields
Nancy Ruff Shirley
Bill and Ann Shive
Jerry and Kathy Short
Luanne and Chip Short
Mark and Melissa Shue
Jody and Kim Shuping
Ted L. and Harriet S. Simpson
Joe L. & Hester M. Sims Family Fdt. Inc.
Eric Phillips Skinny Wheels
Sharon & Dave Skowronek
Smart Start Rowan
Tom & Martha Smith
Kenan & Tracy Smith
Bill & Sue Smith
Harrison & Martha Smith
Jo Ann Smith
Alda Smith
Guy and Melinda Smith
James W. Smith, Jr.
Britt Snider
Lisa, Sam, Alison & Mary Sobataka
Soful Yoga
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Carol Spalding
Elaine Spalding
Dr. John Robert and Betty Dan Spencer
Gilbert & Joyce Sprinkle
Bill & Nancy Stanback
Fred & Alice Stanback
John and Marguerite Stanback
Karla Steedley
Robert Steele
Marna Steinman
Todd and Mary Heather Steinman
Will, Amelia and Joe Steinman
Charles Steinman & Family
Dale and Susan Stevenson
Sada Stewart
Sarah S. Stilwell & Family, Carolyn S. Bell and Kay S. Huston
Andy and Diana Storey
Will and Stephanie Swink
Charles, Jr. and Prudy Taylor
Gary and Sue Teague
Phillip Teague
Elise M. Tellez
The 24th Productions, LLC
The Forum Fitness Center
The Hatchett Family
The Pedal Factory
Clifton and Peggy Thomas
Dr. Glenn G. Thomason
Larry and Brenda Thomason
Dr. Tommy and Trudy Thompson
Earle, Millie, Clare and Bo Thompson
Bill and Laura Thompson
Pamela Thompson
Ginny Thompson Thompson
Churchill and Simon Thompson
Courtney Thompson
Gary Thornburg
Jack and Elizabeth Taylor Towell
Erron Towns
Don and Nancy Trexler
Carolyn Trexler and Royce Thomason
Bill and Paula Troxler
Mary Ellen Turner
Susan Shinn Turner
Eric and Crystal Turney
Uwharrie Bank
Heath Van Wagenberg
Julius and Barbara Waggoner
Children of Julius and Barbara Waggoner (Daniel & Rosalind Hines)
John and Marye Taylor Wagner
Bill and Anna Mills Wagoner
Price Wagoner
Charles Hugh Walker
Danielle Wall
Walter and Sherry Wall
Mona Lisa & Lee Wallace
Victor & Vickie Wallace
Jason Wallace
Lane Wallace and Jonathan Coarsey
Jason & Tracy Walser
Ian and Autumn Walser
Charlie Walters
Juanita Walters
Jim & Allison Merriman, Jocelyn Hayes, Kress & Sharon Walters
Joel and Priscilla Walters
Demming and Susan Ward
Becky and Rick Ward
Ralph and Sue Wear
Britt & Katherine Weaver
Billy & Scotti Webb
Weis Family Foundation
Paul & Lynn Weissler
Beverly West
Mikey Wetzel
Charles and Lauren Whaley
David and Jtan Whisenant
Knox White
Whitney, Jordan & Inge, P.A.
Whitton Family
Coy Wilhelm
Dan & Jan Williams
Brad and Traci Williams
Jason & Gail Williams
Whitney and Brannon Williams
Dr. Trevor Williams & Gail Hounshell
Susan, Blanche & Elizabeth Williamson
Beth and Julian Williamson
Worth Williamson, Jr.
Kay Wilson
Alfred and Lyn Wilson
Amanda Wilson
Amy Wilson
Dr. Robert and Peggy Wilson
Carla Winders
Mark and Lindsay Wineka
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Beth & Paul Woodson
Krista Woolly
Carol Worthy
Jean Wurster
Bryan and Mary Wymbs
Yang Family Dentistry
Steve and Lori Yang
Chanaka & Gayle Yatawara
YMCA Corporate Office
Kyle Yoder
Michael and Diane Young
Carol R. Young
Brent Young
Katie Zino